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hygienic and stylish smart toilet

Kings of Toilets Alexander Deley and Steve Deloof are since 2019 exclusive distributors in Belgium of the HYGEA smart toilet: an Italian shower toilet with the highest comfort and the most stylish design.


You'll never want anything else, promise!

A shower toilet flushes your intimate area with pleasantly warm water after your toilet visit and then gently blows dry. Yes, even during the big message or menstrual period. In our Western culture, a Japanese toilet may not yet be well established, but after a first use, you are immediately convinced and never want anything else. You have to experience it to understand it.


All bacteria are washed away and your intimate area is completely and gently blown dry. 100% clean and refreshing!


Going to the toilet has never been so pleasant and comfortable. A zen moment for young and old, in style and comfort.


You no longer need toilet paper and water consumption is minimized. Good for your wallet, and the environment!

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Service and aftercare for our installers and end customers

Our hobbyhorse? Our local installers install our HYGEA toilets, we ourselves guarantee service throughout the country. We always have spare parts in stock, so we can be very responsive. The big advantage of HYGEA? During a maintenance or repair you can just keep using the toilet, if not convenient!

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